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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Emperor's New Company

I have seen the future of movie theatres, and it is the Moolah Theatre (http://www.stlouiscinemas.com/) right here in St. Louis. The screen is big, the seats are comfortable, plush love seats, couches, and armchairs (unless you want to sit in the back or the balcony, where seats are more traditional), and there’s a full bar, not just a concession stand. We bought a bottle of wine, were given two real wine glasses, and we sprawled out on a love seat in the second row center as if we were on our own couch at home. But, with a real movie showing in front of us.

The movie in question yesterday – and I swear, I’ll go see just about anything the Moolah wants to show – was “In Good Company.” It has one of those plots that can be described in a couple sentences. Dan Foreman is 52 years old, has a wonderful family life, and has sold advertising for Sports America magazine for years. Suddenly, the magazine is bought out, Dan is demoted from manager, and his new boss is 26. The new boss needs a father figure, so he leans on Dan, but also manages to fall in love with Dan’s 18-year-old daughter. People are no longer happy until eventually, from out of the sky, a new corporate purchase restores the status quo ante bellum.

So, what we have here is a fable, roughly modeled on “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but roughed out a little to make for a two hour comfortable stretch on the love seat. Herein, the Emperor is Corporate America divided into two roles – youth and synergy. Each are set against the “old” values, which uniquely play the role of the little boy who tells truth to power while everybody else talks about how beautiful those robes look.

Dan Foreman is played by Dennis Quaid, who embodies the Hollywood image of successful middle management fathers. We’ve seen this sort of thing a million times – you wonder if the same architect designs all these two-story giant houses these guys live in. Quaid is terrific, though, bringing nuance and weight to the character. He loves his job, loves his family, and probably hasn’t thought much about changing anything in years. Of course, as in all movies featuring such men, a change is gonna come.

Carter Duryea is Dan’s boss, played by Topher Grace. (I was amused that Grace played somebody who had to call somebody else “Foreman,” since he has that name on “That 70s Show.”) This kid can act. His shifts between confidence and fear, his attempts to reach out for human contact, his ability to let down his guard in the presence of Dan’s daughter, were beautifully human. Though all the other corporate big-wigs were played as caricatures, Duryea was not.

The third true character is Alex, played by Scarlett Johansson in yet another excellent turn. As written, Alex is a series of empty sketches. She’s a good college tennis player who wants to switch to creative writing, who loves her dad but wants independence, and who symbolizes same by sleeping with her dad’s admittedly cute boss. I imagine if I read the script, Alex would be completely forgettable and confusing, but Johansson simply can’t do anything but flesh out lives by the way she moves and talks and looks at people. She’s worried about her future, she’s attracted to Carter yet aware it’s not the best idea yet determined to enjoy him anyway. She’s willfully ignoring his attempts to make their relationship into something serious.

So, that’s what we’ve got, masterful acting in a movie that wants to reinforce our belief systems. We want to believe that the contemporary corporate world is destroying a much better one, despite the fact that we’ve been pretty much shown for decades that corporations are destroying ways of life. There’s nothing new here, except for the obviously shallow language as typified by “synergy,” and the extreme toadying towards the man at the top. (The fetishization of the name “Teddy K,” the CEO of whatever corporation it is that Carter is in, is a constant trope.) But, Dan, a salesman, has obviously never seen Arthur Miller’s play, or even that movie about ten years ago with all the cussing. He’s a simple guy, a human guy, a guy who wants the right thing for his clients. And Carter is just trying to meet some numerical targets from his bosses.

Eventually, Teddy K comes to Sports America, and Dennis Quaid gets to stand up for the humanity which has been taken from his universe. He asks Teddy K (played by Malcolm McDowell in a deliciously creepy manner) what all this stuff really means, and how it really helps anybody. He exposes the nudity of Corporate Synergy. This almost costs him and Carter their jobs, but after a quick run to an old waffling client who will order extra advertising because Dan had punched Carter in the eye, the company is sold again, and Dan regains his old position while all the new blood is on the street.

Oh, yeah, the eye-punch thing. When Dan finds Carter with Alex, he gets furious, and punches him in the face. Here we have all kinds of things tied up in one sock. Fathers who want to control their daughters sexuality, older people who want younger people to be seen but not heard, or at least not in control of their livelihood, workers (even managers) who resent their bosses, the old ways taking on the new. Because this is a fable, Carter even comes to respect Dan a little more as a result of this punch. It’s part of the road to Carter’s great insight, that he needs to have passion in his life, he needs to feel what he does is important. Dan has that; Carter has nothing but empty ambition.

There’s a weird way in which this whole thing reminds me of our political situation. George W. Bush is Teddy K, the man with all the glib – well, whatever word you can use to describe how Bush puts things – words and a following looking to curry favor where it can be found. And Dan is the good man, the one who can restore our country’s greatness with just some well chosen questions and a commitment to human values. I mean, obviously, this is a fable we’ve all wanted to believe, that if we just speak past the empty phrases, we’ll make everybody see the way things ought to be. I know if I’d seen this movie before November, I’d have been even more convinced Bush was gonna be thrown out on his ass.

As we now know, though, the Emperor doesn’t have anybody thinking he’s only wearing one lovely suit of clothes. Nosirree, whether it’s the President or the corporations who put him there, today’s well-dressed illusionists are pushing an entire wardrobe of exquisite designs, and as fast as you can point out their flabby guts are showing, they’ve got a new outfit described to the public, which clamors even more. “In Good Company” is a feel-good movie about something which can’t possibly happen, and which really should only feel good by comparison to how bad things have become. It’s all the more tribute to the powers of these actors that we believe, at least until the wine glasses stopped coming, that it is worth trying, anyway.


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When you find yourself initially attempting to quit smoking, stay away from locations that you relate with smoking. It might suggest staying away from your best pub or maybe the smoking area at work. Keeping away from these areas means keeping away from temptation, which can be a very crucial thing to do when you are first attempting to give up. [url=http://iplumb.com.au/common/client.asp]Supra Shoes Melbourne[/url]
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