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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The interview

Forty-eight hours have passed since I sat in the office of Professor John Baugh. A very interesting experience. All the nervousness passed within thirty seconds of walking into the room. We had a pleasant conversation, discussing my experience as a writer, and my experiences editing way back in the days of Jet Lag.

The primary aspect of the job is editing, which is the hardest skill for me to prove. In fact, the only way I can see to prove it is to take a test. All the editing I’ve done in my life has been done without thinking of posterity. I would clean up writing of others at Vintage Vinyl, or I would make suggestions to writers for Jet Lag. It was done on the fly, to get something accomplished. I never thought it would be something I’d want to recall years later.

I remain very interested in obtaining this job. I think it would be fascinating to be in the halls of academia, reading early drafts of whatever the various professors in African and Afro-American Studies are developing, and trying to help them achieve the best work they can. I’ve always enjoyed my visits to college campuses. There’s something about breathing in the atmosphere of a place devoted to learning that just gets to me. So, fingers remain crossed, but the rest of me has to keep on keeping on with the search.

Speaking of which, I applied for one job recently that I thought I could do well, but that I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about doing. I actually wavered for three days as to whether or not to send in a resume. Interestingly enough, they were the only company of the twenty or twenty-five with which I’ve applied to send me a rejection letter. And, I love the phrasing: “Thank you for applying. However, our search goes on.” However, our search goes on! Not, we’re sorry, you don’t meet our qualifications or anything focused on me. It was all about them. You almost feel sorry for them that I wasn’t what they wanted.

Next week, it’s back to seeking contacts and talking to people. I only wish I could make a living doing that. It’s a lot of fun just getting together with people in different walks of life. Everybody is just so nice and willing to help. I’m gonna get a job yet.


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I wonder why Papa Ray turned on you?

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