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Monday, August 01, 2005

A Few Paragraphs, Unrelated

To keep my blogging feet in the door, I’m gonna post a few random thoughts and episodes regarding my weekend. Really, there are book reviews and music reviews and movie reviews coming up, but not today. Nope, today, it’s just detritus, some of it pretty, some of it about as useless as I can imagine.

1) Did y’all see “Six Feet Under” last night? Okay, I don’t usually worry about spoilers, but as this was one of the most unexpected plot developments I’ve ever seen on a major television series, I’m not gonna reveal anything to you. I will tell you that the last three weeks have seen a major return to form for this show, which had been mired in some seemingly hopeless levels of misery for the first part of this season (and, frankly, much of the last one). If you’ve ever enjoyed the show, even if you abandoned it a year or three ago, I think you’ll find this episode to be devastating.

2) I have now officially joined the modern world. This morning, I burned my first CD. Yesterday, I signed up for a downloading service – check it out at www.emusic.com – and I’ve been sampling all kinds of cool indie records at a ridiculously cheap price. Considering they’ve got the entire OJC catalogue, the jazz alone makes the $9.95 monthly fee for 40 downloads pretty reasonable. (And remember, a 15 minute live Sonny Rollins masterpiece costs the same as a 2-minute punk song.) So, this morning, I created an itunes playlist, and am now enjoying a CD containing the Animals with Sonny Boy Williamson, Skip James, the Posies, the Kinks, the dB’s (actually, I downloaded that one from the web site I told you about last week), Bob Mould, the Decemberists, and Sonny Rollins.

3) Saturday, Cat and I got sunburned. Apparently, if you skip two weeks of hanging out at the pool, you lose the immunity you’d gained to the sun. Man, I’ve got new respect for George Hamilton and Zonker Harris.

4) I watched most of the Cardinals game yesterday, and I’m appalled at the strange decisions of Tony LaRussa. I mean, yeah, they won, but why all the bunts? Why take the bat out of the hands of John Rodriguez? Why insist on taking out Julian Tavarez when he was throwing the ball great? Why, Tony, why?

5) We’ve been watching episodes of “Homicide: Life on the Street,” from the season 4 DVD box (loaned to us by our most excellent friend John Wendland). On this show, even when they pushed the death toll to absurd limits – there was a serial killer who was driving from Florida to Baltimore and killing every few hours when he needed gas – the human foibles and qualities of the detectives were never forgotten. One of these days, I’ll have more to say on this subject, but I just want to acknowledge right now that this show was one of the all-time high points of television history.

6) I’ve got to go make lunch now and head in to work. Tomorrow is my second interview at the place I’ve been working for five weeks now. Will they hire me for real, or will the job go to a guy who hasn’t worked there yet? Stay tuned, folks. The soap opera never ends.


Anonymous youcanprobablyguesswhoiam said...

1) It's about time that 6FU started moving everyone forward. This is the last season, with only 3 episodes left, so instead of "running in place" the way the show has been for 2 years, the various plots need to be brought, for lack of a better word, to closure.
2) nothing to add
3) Try using SPF80!
SPF30? Please! You might as well use cooking oil ("something smells delicious").
4)& 5) no comments.
6) Good luck. Anyone who hires you full time will never regret it.

9:21 AM  

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