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Monday, August 22, 2005

Remember Me?

Cat and I drove down to rural Missouri yesterday. I think it was Herculaneum, but I always get confused down there. She knows where she’s going, so I never bothered to learn.

Anyway, what’s happening down there? We went to Buckheit, which used to be a cool department store with some fun things to see. Like, they used to have the coolest toy collection in America, all these little die-cast farm machines and animals, and farm houses. Now, I think they had like two half-shelves full of little toy trucks. They used to have tons of cheap and interesting food products, jars of jellies and jams, and bags and bags of candy guaranteed to rot your teeth into a gapped-up smile. Now, there was only one small display of this sort of thing. Buckheit still sells horse gear, but there wasn’t much else to distinguish it from a pricier and less well-stocked Walmart.

That’s okay, I figured. We could salvage the trip by stopping at the giant Pevely flea market. (Oh, I guess that means we were in Pevely, doesn’t it?) Not only did we have the sticker shock of paying $1.00 admission when it used to be free, but I swear, there were half as many booths and twice as much garbage as I’ve ever seen there. This place used to give me hours of digging through old books and magazines and comic books. Now, we spent fifteen minutes desperately looking for anything that interested us.

The people watching wasn’t all that interesting, either. There was one guy wearing a t-shirt that said, “Hunt Like You Got A Pair,” which I admired in a completely ironic hipster fashion. But, otherwise, the whole trip was a disappointment. I mean, we had fun, but that was the pleasure of each other’s company, rather than anything we happened upon when we got there.

I’m afraid rural America is slowly but surely losing its distinctiveness.


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who died and made Steve Pick the Travel Pope?

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